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Dem Basses (1976, revised 1992) 5B, unpublished

Dynamo  SATB American Recorder January 2006

The Kid From Venezuela  (1990) S,Piano Universal Edition UE 19930

Mega Rony  Recorder Orchestra, Edition Moeck 3306

Moondust  SATB Heinrichshofen N2641

New Braun Ba(1992) ATB, Universal Edition UE 30190

Nice Folks  (1997) 1 recorder player SAT, & Guitar  Carus-Verlag 11.607

Pendulum  (1995) AB Carus-Verlag 11.604

Stop and Go  (1992) SATB unpublished

Tall P  (1990) ATBGb, Edition Moeck 2816

To My Friend With Warm Regards  (1998) AA Heinrichshofen "Vom Mittelhalte bis zur Gegenwart" N2461

Three Little Duets AA,  American Recorder 1974

Voices Of The Way (1997) 2 recorder players (S,T,S-S415, A,T,B amplified) doubling on percussion, electric bass,  unpublished

Waiting For A Bus  (1994) SAATB (or SATTB) Universal Edition UE 30372

Ways of C-ing (1976 revised 1992) 6A, unpublished

Chamber Music